"Dead Leg"

Dead Leg


A directed blow to the bulky muscles on front and outer side of the thigh (quadriceps muscle) can be painful and very disabling. A kick or knee during contact sports is a frequent cause. The resulting bruise on the muscle can cause swelling and marked weakness, with the player often limping for several days.

SELF Help advice

Rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE), followed by physiotherapy. Avoidance of heat or exercise for at least 48 hours is important to prevent further bleeding; this can lead to calcification of the blood clot in the muscle tissue (myositis ossificans ). After this initial period, gentle stretching, local heat and ultrasound are recommended and later a return to running and stretching exercises.

Where to get help?

If after trying the above your dead leg isn't improving, you are still in pain, it is restricting your movement or generally affecting your quality of life, please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation consultation at our physiotherapy practice.

General Advice

Patients GP should always be consulted to rule out any underlying medical condition.