Dislocated Shoulder

Dislocated Shoulder


When an athlete falls, he instinctively lifts his arm and turns it outwards to protect his body. Dislocation can occur when the arm, held in this position, receives the impact of the fall. Anterior dislocation of the shoulder joint, caused by extensive injuries to the soft tissues surrounding the shoulder joint.

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Three weeks immobilisation is usually sufficient for the older athlete, but this period should be extended for the young whom the danger of re-dislocation is high, especially if this is the first time dislocation has occurred. In recurrent dislocations, an early, thorough muscle-strength training programme can be initiated. For a suitable training programme seek professional advice.

Where to get help?

If after trying the above your dislocated shoulder isn't improving, you are still in pain, it is restricting your movement or generally affecting your quality of life, please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation consultation at our Hull sports injury clinic.

General Advice

Patients GP should always be consulted to rule out any underlying medical condition.