I've been using Paul since I started running, I first used Paul when I picked up a little niggle. I was introduced to Paul & since then I wouldn't use anyone else. Paul has been there for me right from when I started and has seen me through my success and doesn't treat me any different from the first day. I don't just see Paul as just a Physiotherapist but as friend as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions

do you treat General conditions?

We treat all general conditions such as:

Aches, sprains and strains; lower back, feet and ankles; legs; arthritis; arm, hands and wrists; neck and shoulders.
Massage and exercise, advice for stress related symptoms, postural work conditions. All treatments are in well equipped and well heated rooms.

What about sports injuries?

We treat all sports conditions such as:

Aches, sprains and strains; low back, feet and ankles; legs; arthritis; arm, hands and wrists.

All the common sports related injuried plus massage for relaxation and Post & Pre event massage.

What sports do you cater for?

Football and Rugby players, Athletics, Netball, Hockey, Cycling, Tennis, Dancers, Keep Fit and Gym instructors, Swimmers, Martial’s Arts, Weight Trainers and many more.

When are you available & How long will it take?

Appointment times are available during the week. Please ring to book a treatment. Treatments can last up to an hour, with follow up treatments being approximately 30-45 minutes.

Weekend appointments by special arrangements.

Do I need a referral letter before attending?

Self-funding clients do not have to have a referral from their G.P. If you are funded by a Private Medical Insurance Company it is best to phone your Insurance company to find out if your treatment will be authorized before making an appointment. Not all insurance companies require a referral from your G.P. It is important to note that some Health Insurance policies have an excess which the policy owner will be liable to pay.

Are you Recognised by Private Medical Insurance Companies?

YES. Paul and the Physio and Sport practice is recognised by the H.S.A (Health Scheme), Norwich Union, Pru Health, Standard Life, Westfield (Nat West) and Other healthcare companies.

Are you insured?

Fully insured therapist Paul Bradford MCSP chartered physiotherapist HCPC registered.

How much will it cost?

The consultation at the beginning of treatment is free of charge.

Treatment fees range from £10, £15, £20 & £25 depending, discount rates for all sports clubs and teams etc.

Payments by cash or cheque, gift vouchers also available.

CAn anyone call themselves a physiotherapist?

It should be noted that the term physiotherapist is a protected title. All physiotherapists must be registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). You can check on the following website www.hpcheck.org to see whether your physiotherapist is indeed registered.