Westella & Willerby

"As an FA Charter Standard Community Club that has 17 teams with  around 250 adults and youngsters training and playing football on a weekly basis – we need to be able to call upon the services of someone who not only can diagnose and remedy any injury concerns that our players may have, but also someone who has the players welfare at heart and can offer guidance and advice on all aspects of looking after one’s body.

We are delighted that for the past few years we have been able to call upon such a person, Paul Bradford (Bradders), who has been a constant support to the club, and who we are more than happy to recommend to any person or group that requires good, sound advice and someone who can diagnose and effectively ‘mend’ any injuries to get players back out ‘on the park’."

Kim Bent

"As an experienced and ambitious mountain biker competing at national and regional levels, feeling strong and ready for competition is an important factor in my training regime. As I push my body to its limits during both training and competition it is important that I recover in the fastest possible time.

Paul has proved invaluable in managing and eradicating all my ongoing niggles and injuries, and physically preparing my body for competition. He has given me sound training advice, and has been particularly helpful in modifying and expanding my stretching routines to target specific areas of inflexibility. As a therapist he is conscientious, sympathetic and highly accomplished. I can recommend Paul most warmly."

Andy Foster
"I have known Paul Bradford for a number of years. He has worked with numerous players during this time and he always provides them with an excellent treatment and rehabilitation programme. Paul is very professional and has great personal qualities, which are essential when supporting injured sports players on the road to recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and supporting him in this venture".


Richard West

"I began seeing Paul for physiotherapy treatment on a long-standing shoulder problem around a year ago. My shoulder had been causing me a great deal of discomfort for many years due to an injury I gained during my time competitively swimming. The injury prevented me from continuing to swim and was causing me problems in my day-to-day job. Despite numerous visits to different physiotherapists and a wide range of different treatments I found no improvement, and accepted that my shoulder would never be pain free."

"When I saw Paul for physio treatment I honestly believed I would, like every other time, see no improvement. However, almost immediately I felt a difference, my shoulder felt more comfortable and the muscles didn’t feel as tight. After a month the pain had significantly improved and now, after almost a year, I have no pain what so ever. What is more, Paul has taught me how to manage my injury to prevent the problem recurring or worsening."

"I Found Paul to be professional, friendly and genuine and would not hesitate to recommend his treatment to others. In my line of work I often have to recommend patients for physiotherapy and always recommend Paul, as I trust he will offer the best most effective service."

Annabelle Lewis

Hi, im Annabelle Lewis and im a sprinter for Kingston Upon Hull AC. I have regular treatment from Paul, which I believe has got me to the standard I am at now. Paul is willing to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that my body is upto the physical shape it should be, which means i am fully fit to train and compete at a high level.

Paul has always been very reliable which means I know I can get an appointment when needed the most, this makes me put all my faith into his professional ability to help me succeed in the future. Physio sessions are very enjoyable because Paul has got to know me as a person as well as an athlete, which i feel is very important from a clients point of view.

From the first physio session with Paul, I have never looked back. I am always fully stretched, relaxed and my body feels in excellent shape because of the work Paul has put into ensuring I feel this way.

Paul has not only looked at the physical aspect of my sport, but the mental aspect too. I have had a few sessions were Paul has helped me to relax, focus and keep positive towards up and coming races. This has made me a very confident athlete as i feel mentally and physically strong in myself. I would highly recommend Paul to anybody who is seeking to see a physiotherapist.