Knee Pain


Knee pain is often difficult to sort out and to treat and you would be well advised to seek professional help rather then attempt home treatment. One knee problem that does respond well to self help, however, is the pain around the kneecap caused by overuse. Because of insufficient muscle development, the underside of the kneecap becomes inflamed due to misalignment during exercise of the knee. As a general rule, the pain is increasingly worse on exercise, particularly when going up or down stairs or hills.
If dealt with in the early stages, it settles readily.

SELF Help advice

First of all, rest by reducing activity to below the pain level or by trying a different exercise that does not cause pain. Each day, with the affected leg held straight and the foot at right angles to the leg, do 100 straight leg raises, splitting the exercise up into two or three sessions. As the exercise becomes easier, add resistance by weighting the foot, perhaps with a pillow. If there is no improvement in a week seek professional advice.

Where to get help?

If after trying the above your knee isn't improving, you are still in pain, it is restricting your movement or generally affecting your quality of life, please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation consultation at physiotherapy practice in Hull.

General Advice

Patients GP should always be consulted to rule out any underlying medical condition.