I've been using Paul since I started running, I first used Paul when I picked up a little niggle. I was introduced to Paul & since then I wouldn't use anyone else. Paul has been there for me right from when I started and has seen me through my success and doesn't treat me any different from the first day. I don't just see Paul as just a Physiotherapist but as friend as well.
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Advanced Remedial Massage

The advanced qualification involves advanced massage techniques and manipulative therapy ie; treatment by manipulation – skillful management by the therapist’s hands to a more expert level than that of the remedial massage therapist. This enables you to treat a wider range of conditions including Sports injuries to a more in depth level.

Massage Treatments



The sportsman should be aware of the uses and benefits of massage so that he can make best use of it. All sporting activities involve Muscle activity as the primary motive force, and many sports injuries are directly muscle injuries or originate from muscle dysfunction.

Massage is the best form of treatment for muscle tension, and has a distinct advantage over other therapies in that it can be used On a regular basis to help prevent overuse injuries as well as being used as a symptom based approach to the treatment of specific Injuries.

With massage the therapist can remove the accumulation of general aches and pains that some sportsmen either seem to accept as Normal due to their gradual build-up, or try to suppress with drugs. These aches and pains can lead to more serious problems, so the benefits for Injury prevention are great.

With specific injuries massage can explore the soft tissues more intimately than any other therapy, and problem Areas can be diagnosed and treated very accurately.

Remedial Massage

Massage is a term to signify a group of procedures, which are generally done with the hands such as friction, kneading, manipulations, rubbing and percussion of external tissues of the body in a variety of ways, either with curative, palliative or hygienic objectives.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is the best form of treatment for muscle tension and has a distinct advantage over most therapies in that sports massage can be used on a regular basis to help prevent overuse injuries as well as being used as a symptom based approach to the treatment of specific injuries.


Perhaps the best known and most common use of all massage techniques is effleurage, the stroking or gliding movement of massage. The word is derived from the French word effleurer which means “to flow or guide” or “skin the surface”. Effleurage is the massage stroke or initial contact with the patient and as such it is important it is performed with great skill.


Petrissage is quite different to effleurage and again it must be perfected over a period of time for a practitioner to become an expert. The word is derived from the French language and has a literal meaning of “to mash or knead with the hands”. The principal movement is that of picking up or lifting the muscles. The muscles are picked or lifted with the hollow of the palms of the hand in a series of rhythmic movements.

Connective Tissue Massage

Whether for sporting competition, work or general maintenance of posture everyone needs muscles that are “healthy”. This means they should not only be strong but also supple and in balance. Regular manipulation of the soft tissues has an essential role to play in achieving this state and connective tissue massage (CTM) will transform any treatment allowing specific problems to be rapidly and effectively addressed.

Cross Fibre Frictions

Cross fibre frictions are applied by the finger tips or the thumb. There is the possibility of some local soreness but the longer term effects outweigh any possible short term soreness.

Local cross fibre strokes to connective tissue generally leave no soreness.

The therapist applies three firm strokes to each origin and insertion point, again with steady rhythmic flow, The purpose of the cross fibre frictions are to loosen the scar tissue and adhesions that may exist in the tendons and sheathings to realign damaged fibres, to render tissue more pliable and less likely to irritate surrounding tissues.


apotement techniques are used for a stimulating effect and these techniques have been described as a series of brisk blows. An alternative term of description is "percussion", which means "striking".

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