I've been using Paul since I started running, I first used Paul when I picked up a little niggle. I was introduced to Paul & since then I wouldn't use anyone else. Paul has been there for me right from when I started and has seen me through my success and doesn't treat me any different from the first day. I don't just see Paul as just a Physiotherapist but as friend as well.
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Physiotherapy is the branch of treatment that employs physical methods to promote healing, which includes the use of heat, infra-red and ultra-violet rays, electric current, massage, manipulation, mobilization and remedial exercise.

We provide a wide range of physiotherapy services for treating minor ailments such as a sprained ankle right up to more serious complaints such as torn muscles or ligament damage. If you have an injury or ailment that you need looking at please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

Treatments Available


Specially designed inflatable supports inflate to provide compression to the injured body part. The rate of inflation can be alternated dependent on the type of injury. The compression, release, compression cycle helps to increase the blood flow to the area and reduce swelling.


We use this equipment for the treatment of soft tissue injuries to promote healing. Our Physio will administer the ultrasound via a metal transducer, using a transmission gel to ensure the best possible contact. The ultrasound waves penetrate the skin to treat the affected area, increasing blood flow and offering pain relief.

Positional Therapy

This is a very simple techniques. If the tissues are inappropriately tense, indurated, hypertonic, shortened or contracted, the therapeutic intent is usually to release these undesirable states in order to encourage a retreat of a restriction barriers. The methods which can achieve this are commonly of a direct nature, the soft tissue in question may be stretched, massaged or mobilised and manipulated using dozens of perfectly appropriate techniques.


Joints are normally free and unrestricted. We accomplish nothing through moving it through a normal range. But in cases where a joint is abnormal or hindered the essence of manipulation is directed at the recovery of the underlying cause by massage and passive movements and as far as is possible the restoration of the joint to it's normality.


Mobilisation (sometimes known as active rest) is the key to a speedy recovery. With active movements by the patient taking the injured part through its full pain free range, without any weight or resistance. Not only does this work the muscles and so prevent atrophy, but it also shows the therapist the safe range to work within.

Remedial Exercise Rehabilitation

Once your treatment is complete and the symptoms have been removed we can implement a rehabilitation program to ensure that you suffer no further problems. As part of our diagnosis we will identify the weakness that has led to your injury and will prescribe a rehabilitation exercise program to strengthen the area.

Heat Treatments

Heat has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of injuries and the relief of pain. Our heat lamps can be used to promote a warming effect on the affected area, increasing circulation, reducing pain and stiffness and also reducing recovery time. Our equipment allows for precise positioning to allow the best possible results from the treatment.

Exercise Prescription

For home help or the gym. No matter how big or small the problem we can offer a whole range of exercise to help gain mobility, strength, movement in all aspects of daily life in general or the sporting world, to suit your needs.

Do you have a specific treatment in mind that you dont see above? Please contact us to learn more about our full range of treatments.