Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow


Although this is common amongst tennis players, it is seen in golfers and many other racquet sports. It is also very common in certain manual occupations and other leisure activities. This is an overuse injury at the site where the muscles in the fore arm which extend the wrist are attached at the elbow. Pain and tenderness is felt over the outside (lateral) point of the elbow near a small bony protuberance which can be felt there. Excessive and repetitive movements at the wrist (gripping, twisting, and untwisting) or backhand shots in tennis, squash and badminton cause stretching and strain of this tendon and straightening or extending the wrist against resistance will bring on the pain at the elbow.

SELF Help advice

Ice initially followed by heat and physiotherapy (ultrasound) after 48 hours. Movements which are aggravated the pain should be avoided. Local steroid injection by the doctor are effective in more sever cases. It is important to rest early and allow adequate tissue healing to take place (days in mild cases, weeks in more severe ones). Once pain has settled, strengthening exercises to the wrist extensor muscle can be started.

Where to get help?

If after trying the above your tennis elbow isn't improving, you are still in pain, it is restricting your movement or generally affecting your quality of life, please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation consultation at our sports injury clinic.

General Advice

Patients GP should always be consulted to rule out any underlying medical condition.